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Air Duct Masters BBB Business Review
Air Duct Masters BBB Business Review


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Welcome to Air Duct Master for Vent Cleaning in San Diego!

Air Duct Master provides duct cleaning in San Diego and more to ensure that your indoor air is fresh, clean and free of potential airborne contaminants. Since 2002 we have been providing vent cleaning in San Diego that ensures your duct work is clean.

Why Clean Your Ducts?

Professional duct cleaning services can help to:

  • Rid your home of foul smells
  • Improve energy efficiency by improving the flow of air
  • Remove allergens
  • Help to prevent mold growth
  • Help to prevent the spread of airborne contagions

Whether you have just moved into your property or you have owned it for a while, the ductwork should be periodically cleaned and maintenance should be performed. Duct work can be a great host for a wide range of allergens, mold and airborne disease spread. Many people do not realize that ductwork must be cleaned.

Save Energy

Keep your ductwork clean is very important to your energy efficiency. Dirt and debris build up can slow down your air flow which makes your equipment must work harder burning more energy than you need to.

Preserve the Life of Your System

Clean ductwork means your system does not have to work as hard. The air will flow seamlessly through the ductwork. The less your system must work the longer it will last.

Breathe Easier

We can help you to reduce the number of allergens, dust and dander that flows through your home by cleaning out your ductwork. Once years of build-up have been removed you will notice a cleaner, fresher smelling home with less dust and allergens floating around.


We can maintain your ductwork and repair parts that have deteriorated! Contact us for all your ductwork needs and get the service you deserve!